Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Law and Shariah Order

I understand that some of the more extremist Muslims in the UK want Shariah Law to be implemented nationwide.

I say this because in certain parts of our fair (some would say too bloody fair) country, notices have been going up stating that you are about to enter a Shariah law area, and top legal minds in their communities are seriously asking and indeed lobbying for Shariah Law to be instigated in the UK.

So in the name of racial harmony I say, fine. Let's do it. If they want Shariah law, let them have it; when they break the law they can be tried by their own extremely sick set of rules. All I ask in return is to be allowed to carry on with our own, more established, and civilised set of laws.

I'm aware that this could lead to a two tear system of laws and rules and we may need to have special rooms set aside for the Mullahs and their sadistic little chums. But if it leads to racial harmony, then who am I, or indeed anyone, to deny them their twisted little ways.

So when we get caught for theft, we'll get a custodial sentence, when they get caught, they'll happily cut each others hands off. If we decide to have extra marital affairs, we'll sue each other for divorce, that lot can stone each other to death like the barbarians they are.

Still interested? Thought not. So all those who still want Shariah law put your hands up...WHILE YOU'VE STILL GOT THEM!

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