Sunday, 9 October 2011

£75 Billion pay out to the Banks

So the Bank of England are going to pump £75 billion into the financial institutions with the dual intention of kick starting the economy and avoiding a double dip recession.

This Quantitative Easing initiative is meant to encourage the banks to start lending us the money we so desperately need; this is on top, ladies and gentlemen, of the £200billion carrot (or should I say carat) they've already dangled in front of these slimy little scum bags already.

Do they honestly believe that if the banks really wanted to help the battered and torn remnants of the British economy and its people that they wouldn't have done so with the £200 billion they've already been given? Of course not. This is bankers helping out bankers and would we all be that surprised if we found out that these overpaid, mathematical retards hadn't just pocketed the lot. Nero, they say, fiddled while Rome burned. This lot are undoubtedly on the fiddle but the stakes this time are the whole world, not just Rome.

But fear not, oh slightly dented but still great British public. Once again, I am here to give you my thoughts on how I feel the economy could be properly and immediately kick started: Put simply, give the £75 billion to us and let us kick start the economy and here's how it would work.

At last count there are a shade over 17 million families in the UK, and if you divided that £75billion equally, then each family would receive £239,436.62p. And I ask you, what would you do with £239,436.62p?

Well, probably quite a lot, but the sensible thing would to be to put certain provisions on this one off pay out. First, they could say that you must spent £100,000 in the UK, be that a deposit on a house, paying off some or all of your mortgage; buying electrical goods, a new car, a holiday etc: £50,000 should be put into savings for the future--- the banks could call it a rainy day account and by law the interest rate would have to be set high enough to actually make it worth saving: £50,000 to be put into pension funds and the remaining £39,000 should be put into a none accessible, high interest rate account for your children's education---the £436.62p you can do what you wish with; put it all on black or buy 436 lottery tickets, who knows, you might just hit the big one and be secure for life.

These measures would have the effect of kick starting the economy by creating a huge demand for British products and cause massive growth within the manufacturing industry, sending their share prices rocketing--- help the housing market grow, put some money into the banks, have a savings plan for every family in the UK, help the beleaguered pension pot and alleviate the pressure on all parents to give their child, regardless of background, a shot at a decent education and a debt free start to their working life.

And if every country in the world did this, then I could say that the double dip recession would be averted by, oh, probably as soon as next Thursday.

But what you don't want to do: simply mustn't do, is give another£75 billion to the incompetent, backward, inbred dickheads that caused this situation in the first place.

If you agree with my sentiments then please cut and paste this article, in its entirety, click on this link and email it to your Prime Minister and see if he really does want this pathetic, unjust suffering to come to an end. It's within his power to make this happen. All he needs to be is strong and stand up to the bullies in the Banking community; Question is: does he have the brass balls to do it?

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