Thursday, 6 October 2011

Plodding on out the door

A detective with the West Mercia Police spoke out yesterday against government cut backs in the Police force, stating that this policy was a disaster waiting to happen and that crime could only increase if there were less Policemen and women to prevent it.

He gave his interview in silhouette, with his words being spoken by an actor to the local BBC news programme. Now this leaves me with two points: One, he's stupid and two, its a sad indictment of the times that we live in.

Let me take the second point first: How worrying is it that a member of the Police state that we live in is so frightened of the repercussions from the special services within his own organisation that he feels the need to hide his face--- The very special services that are run by politicians who readily send forces to depose other regimes and their special forces in the name of democracy--- The very democracy that doesn't allow its own people to speak out at the injustices of their employers: The British Government.

And finally the first point: How stupid is he. He thinks that by having his very distinctive profile shaded out, no ones going to know who he is---When, exactly, did he forget that he works for an organisation that has a forensics department with the capabilities of telling you the name and address of the gnat that bit a Pterodactyl on the nose 160,000,000 years ago. Surely he didn't think that a bad bit of BBC lighting and the voice of an out of work actor was really going to save him.

No, sadly, Mr West Mercia Detective is going down; not because of his political views or anything laudable like that, but because he's too stupid to realise that it was going to be possible to hide his identity from a building full of people whose very job it is to find out the identity of people who don't want to be found out.


  1. Can I just say that by definition the actor providing the voice at the time he was doing it wasn't out of work. Even if he wasn't being paid for it, which as actors are about 1 of the only professions that have a decent union left I would image he wouldn't be able to do even if he wanted (work for the BBC for free I mean), yes even if he wasn't being paid for the , I believe they call it a gig, he would be by his definition working, and hence employed. He may possibly have been, directly before and after the said gig an unemployed actor unless he had some form of serial gig, IE was engaged in repertory, residency or in some form of recorded serial work, such as a soap opera, but at the split second he was providing the decoy voice for the bizzie, he was very much employed in his chosen profession whether it was or was not as previously stated a professional paying gig, or some kind of work experience, intern-ship, favour or some such. Just wanted to clear that up, hope I don't come across as a pedant, keep up the good work.

  2. Well voiced, well spotted and well articulated. To be honest I thought I was the only person in the world reading this. It's a kind of steam valve release for my frustrations at an idiotic world that's run by an underclass of retarded do gooders. Sorry also for the lateness of my reply; I just happened to look at it today after a loooooong time away and saw the magical comment tab was alive to the tune of 1.
    I will do some more posts when the muse takes me. Become a friend and I'll email you a notification when I do.
    Cheers Jimbo