Thursday, 29 September 2011

Women Drivers!

The Saudi King Abdullah what-ever-his-last-name-is, has apparently overturned a court ruling that was set for 10 lashes of the whip to a woman who broke the no female driving ban. Apparently one of the royal princesses posted it on Twitter and AP news agency picked it up.

In most of these incompetent and backwards Muslim countries their judicial system is based on Sharia law. This is the legalised idiocy that gives you a variety of sick and twisted laws for adultery and pre marital sex and they can vary from a handful of lashes for the lucky ones to 180 lashes and even death by stoning. This actually happened in Afghanistan  in 1996, A woman called Nurbibi was stoned for having pre marital sex and for over 20 minutes, hand sized rocks where hurled at her defenceless body before they realised she wasn't dying. Eventually they had to drop a large bolder on her head to finish her off. Another woman was raped by three men and became pregnant; her father had been paid to let this happen to his own daughter, but the court accused her of slander and sentenced her to 180 lashes of the whip. Can you imagine if they brought Sharia law in to the UK that said teenage pregnancy would be punishable by stoning? They have to start building all the inner city schools next to stone quarries.

Now, it would appear, Sharia Law has decided to make it illegal for women to drive. This from a book that was written over 1'400 years ago by the prophet Mohammed who, I can only assume was either an incredible visionary, due to the fact that he created a law to punish people for something that wouldn't be invented for another 1'300 years, or the brainless present day Mullahs are playing fast and loose with his laws.

Now don't get me wrong, I've been the victim of women drivers and their legendary inability to reverse a car, but add to that a woman in one of them black letterbox affairs, trying to turn and see where she's going and its an accident waiting to happen, and invariably does. I'd say there are plenty of men out there who'd love to have women taken off the road, but I don't know anyone who would have them whipped for it...well, with the exception of depraved Muslim clerics and the odd kinky sex advocate. But seeing as the spread of Islam is increasing at a frightening pace and in a relatively short spell of time they will have taken over enough of our world communities to make a legal difference, we'd better sit up and take note.

So far as I see it we have three options: we can either halt the spread of women drivers, for their own future safety, buy as many stock and shares in kinky sex shops or manufactures of whips as possible or we could  halt the mass immigration of Sharia toting maniacs from these despot countries and tell them to either live by our laws or accept the return ticket back to their own intolerant country.

Three cheers for none politically correct thinking,Huzzah, Huzzah, Huzzah!!!

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